we make products for every step of the way: for getting up, getting through, and getting recovered in time to crush tomorrow.

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Introducing Coffeehouse Quality Cold Brew

Mojo Rising

Lightly Creamed, Lightly Sweetened

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Epic Mojo

Black, Unsweetened

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Sweet Mojo

Slightly Sweetened

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Four Delicious Flavors

Berry Legit

Blackberry Lemonade

A lip-licking love story between blackberry & lemonade.

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Free Fall

Lemon Lime

A refreshing citrus flavor that’s just what the doctor ordered to help you recover tastefully.

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Blood Orange

Because the taste of Blood Oranges is soooo much more killer than regular oranges.

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Double Awesomeness

Pomegranate Punch

Watermelons are delicious and pomegranates exotic (we’ve been told). Why settle for Single Awesomeness?

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All NEW Flavor-Packed Protein Bars

Salted Caramel & Almond KC Bar

The mood music of protein bars.

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Chocolate Chip Cookie KC Bar

Don’t overthink it. It be what it be.

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Strawberries & Cream KC Bar

Also known as afternoon delight. You know you want it...

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    The Official Drink of the After

    Wrap your body in deliciousness with every sip as you embark down the tasty road to recovery.... But ya gotta earn it! After a hard workout or during a strenuous day, Kill Cliff Recovery Drink helps you feel awesome again by replenishing the micronutrients your body depletes when you push yourself.

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    Here’s a Little about Us…

    Kill Cliff was started in 2011 by a US Navy SEAL because other things on the market didn’t help replenish micronutrients and help you recover. Alas, Kill Cliff Recovery Drinks were born.

    Now with the launch of our ridiculously tasty protein bars, we're able to make sure that you can eat or drink your way to nutrition with Kill Cliff.

    Our team is made up of military veterans, athletes, business professionals, and food & beverage gurus alike. We are committed to ONLY making products that we ourselves love and would use.

    What's next for Kill Cliff you ask? Why, complete world domination of course.

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    Special Deals for Those serving overseas.

    Our awesomeness knows no bounds. We will ship to any APO in the world!

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