The 5 Best Beverages for Athletes

I am not a scientist. But I am an athlete, and I do enjoy a cool beverage after a workout. The following recommendations of the 5 best beverages for athletes are based upon my unconventional research methods, my keen sense of taste, and my purely biased opinion.

Without further adieu, for your reference, hydration, recovery, and reading enjoyment; here are my recommendations for the 5 best beverages for athletes.
1. Water

It doesn’t get any better than pure and crisp, crystal clear H2O. Sometimes making up over half of the human body, water is not only a key component of athletic success, but also a basic need for every individual. Our very existence depends a great deal on water, and it can lend a hand in keeping you alive in potentially dire situations.


So get your drink on with the magical and miraculous beverage that is water.

2. Coconut Water

I must admit; I wasn’t always a fan. Coconut water has a slightly pulpy texture, but the advantages far outweigh my minor complaint. This beverage, derived from a baby coconut, is low calorie, fat and cholesterol free, has loads of potassium, and provides naturally occurring carbs (in the form of sugars) and electrolytes.


With fewer calories and sugar than your standard sports drink, and more potassium, there are plenty of reasons to consume some coconutty goodness.
3. Espresso

Not only are the beautiful beans used to make espresso packed full of antioxidants, those bad boys also aid in repairing cells and offer quicker recovery from injury, illness, or extreme forms of workouts. Now most of us enjoy the rush of a caffeinated beverage, but highly acidic levels of coffee can sometimes cause stomach problems.

So opt for the combo of caffeine and disease-killing cool stuff in a quick sip of energizing espresso.
4. Almond Milk

Unsweetened almond milk is a perfect alternative for those looking for a nutrient dense, low-sugar option.


Here’s the deal… Sure, I dig a little cow milk; but it makes my tummy turn and my bathroom breaks lengthy. So a little almond milk (although low in protein itself) pairs perfectly with my preferred protein for gulp-able and hormone-free post-workout refreshment.
5. Kill Cliff
Kill Cliff Double Awesomeness Recovery Drink
I’m all about a no bullsh*t and badass product. And Kill Cliff fits the bill. As a recovery aid, the flavor-filled fluid is derived from vitamins, enzymes, plant extract, and electrolytes to keep you trucking along. No sugar, no crazy colored additives, and no fake flavors. This bubbly brew is like unicorn magic in your mouth. So drink some.

My extensive research has revealed the above to be the best beverages for athletes seeking energy, recovery, and better suited beverages for the ultimate in performance and technique. So take my word for it (or don’t), that these 5 lovely liquids offer the greatest good with the tastiest gains. Go on and get it.

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