Our Story


Kill Cliff was founded by Todd Ehrlich, a Navy SEAL who saw a need in the market for sports drinks that taste amazing and actually benefit you. The current line up of beverages commonly found on grocery store shelves does not afford you any options like this. All of it is essentially sugar water. His goal was to make something better. After years of research and testing, he came up with the original formula for Kill Cliff Recovery Drink - a unique blend of electrolytes, vitamins, enzymes, and extracts like ginger root, ginseng root, and green tea – all selected to aid recovery while not sacrificing on taste.

Originally only available in Blood Orange, that drink now comes in five flavors and still uses those same basic ingredients for their effectiveness in aiding recovery from a workout, a night out, or any other time you need get back to full speed. It’s also a great all-day drink. Lightly carbonated with no sugar, 15-20 calories per can, and killer taste, it’s become many people’s go-to replacement for soda, energy drinks, and other common beverages on the market today.


Todd’s other goal was to give back to his community and be the largest contributor to the Navy SEAL Foundation. To do this would require millions of dollars and the only way he figured he could raise this was by creating a successful for-profit company that had a mission, and was directly tied to a non-profit entity at its core. In 2015, Kill Cliff became an Official Partner of the Navy SEAL Foundation and is committed to fulfilling that mission. To date, Kill Cliff has helped raise and donate nearly $600,000 for the Navy SEAL Foundation in cash, event sponsorship, and product equivalencies, and continues to support service members, veterans, and their families on a daily basis. Kill Cliff also provides free product to active duty members of Naval Special Warfare as part of its ongoing commitment to the Navy SEAL community.


Kill Cliff continues to look for new ways to help every day warriors, people out there killin’ it every day. In late 2017, we launched our second core product line – Endure. Endure is a new type of sports drink aimed at giving you sustained energy without jacking you up, only to crash later. It’s made with essential electrolytes and Palatinose, a low glycemic carb derived from non GMO sugar beets. This slow release carb fuel supports a sustained glucose supply and promotes fat oxidation for energy during exercise. It does not spike blood sugar like sucrose, fructose, or agave. Currently available in two flavors, we hope you give it a try and take your training to the next level with better fuel.

The Name

Some of the stories you guys come up with are epic, so we prefer to keep the details a bit of a mystery. KILL CLIFF has become an idea to overcome obstacles or “Kill The Quit.” Our goal at Kill Cliff is to help you remove quitting from your mind, because quitting is NOT an option.

We also tend to not take ourselves too seriously so if our name offends you, please choose to not be offended. We are all about doing good for good people, through our products, and our Partnership with the Navy SEAL Foundation. We hope you dig what we are all about.

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